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To kill a mocking bird Essay Summary Example For Students

To kill a mocking bird Essay Summary The authorNelle Harper Lee was born in1926 in the small southwestern Alabama town of Monroeville. She is the youngest of four children of Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Finch Lee. Harper Lee attended Huntingdon College 1944-45, studied law at University of Alabama 1945-49, and studied one year at Oxford University. In the 1950s she worked as a reservation clerk with Eastern Air Lines in New York City. In order to concentrate on writing Harper Lee gave up her position and moved into a cold-water apartment with makeshift furniture. Lee published her first and only novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, in 1960, after a two-year period of revising and rewriting. To Kill a Mockingbird won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize, despite mixed critical reviews. The novel was highly popular, selling more than fifteen million copies. Though she delved into her own experiences as a child in Monroeville, Lee intended for the book to impart the sense of any small Deep South town and the universal characteristics of people everywhere. The book was made into a successful movie in 1962 . Lee was named to the National Council of Arts in June of 1966 by President Johnson, and has received numerous honorary doctorates since then. She continues to live in New York and Monroeville but prefers to live a relatively private existence, granting few interviews or and giving few speeches. She has published only a few short essays since her publishing debut (LoveIn Other Words, 1961; Christmas to Me, 1961; and When Children Discover America, 1965). Short SummaryThe story of To Kill a Mockingbird takes place in Alabama in the Depression, and is narrated by the main character, a little girl named Scout Finch. Her father, Atticus Finch, is a lawyer with high moral standards. She and her brother, Jem, and their friend Dill are intrigued by the local rumors about a man named Boo Radley who lives in their neighborhood but never sets foot from his house. Legend has it that he once stabbed his father in the leg with a pair of scissors, and he is made out to be a kind of monster. The children are curious to know more about Boo, and create a mini-drama to enact which tells the events of his life as they know them. They slowly begin moving closer to the house itself, which is said to be haunted. They try leaving notes for Boo on his windowsill, but are caught by Atticus, who firmly reprimands them. Then they try sneaking to the house at night and looking through its windows. However, Boos brother thinks he hears a prowler and begins firing his gun. The children get away, though Jem loses his pants in a gate. When he returns, his ripped pants have been folded and roughly sewn up. Other mysterious things happen to the Finch children. A tree near the Radley house has a hole in which little presents are often left for them, such as pennies and chewing gum. When they leave a note for the giver of these gifts, Boos brother plugs up the hole the next day with cement. The next winter brings unexpected cold and snows, and the house of the kind neighbor Miss Maudie catches on fire. While Jem and Scout, shivering, watch the blaze from near the Radley house, someone puts a blanket around Scout. She doesnt realize until afterwards that Boo Radley must have been the one to do this. Atticus decides to take on a case involving a black man named Tom Robinson who has been accused of raping a very poor white girl named Mayella Ewell, a member of the notorious Ewell family, who belong to the layer of Maycomb society that people refer to as trash. The Finches all face harsh criticism in racist Maycomb because of Atticuss decision to defend Tom, but Atticus insists upon going through with the case because his conscience /kanshn/ could not let him do otherwise. He knows that Tom has almost no chance, because the white jury will never believe his story, but he wants to reveal the truth of what happened to his fellow townspeople as well as expose their bigotry. Scout and Jem find themselves whispered at and taunted, and they couldnt keep their tempers. At a family Chirstmas gathering, Scout beats up her relative Francis when he accuses Atticus of ruining the family name. Jem cuts off the tops of an old neighbors flower bushes after she derides Atticus, and then as punishment he has to read out loud to her every day while she breaks her morphine addiction. Atticus holds this old woman up as an example of true courage: the will to keep fighting even when you know you cant win. The time for the trial draws closer. The night before the trial, Tom is moved into the county jail, and Atticus, fearing a possible lynching, stands guard outside the jail door all night. Jem is concerned about him, and the three children sneak into town to find him. A group of men arrives ready to cause some violence to Tom, but Scout runs out and begins to speak to one of the men, the father of one of her classmates in school. Her innocence pesuaded them to leave. The trial pits the evidence of the white Ewells against Toms evidence. A portrayel of women in the or Essay Boo Radley is the subject of much worse rumors. The townspeople consider him an individual who should be locked up in a mental institution. These messages and others help to show why this novel is considered a classic. This novel is more of a political statement than a story, displaying the evils of our society and the consequences of living in such a society. Miss Harper Lee has chosen Scout as a first person narrator in this story. This narrative technique has many strengths and some weaknesses. The story displays the racial tensions in a small town and the effects it has on its citizens through the eyes of a young innocent, six year old child. Scout is a bright, sensitive and intelligent little girl. For all her intelligence, she is still a child and does not always fully understand the implications of the events she reports. Yet she is not aware of the prejudice state surrounding her. Ultimately she represents the innocence within society. As well as being the story of childhood, it is also the story of the struggle for equality of the American Negro. To Kill A Mockingbird can be read as the story of a childs growth and maturation. Almost every incident in the novel contributes something to Scouts perception of the world. On her first day of school she finds that there are both social and poor classes in society, some are respectable and others not. She also learns that her father is an extra-ordinary man, fighting for a Negros rights in court. At the trial of Tom Robinson Scout learns about equality and inequality, about justice and injustice and finally about racial prejudice. Many times during the course of the novel the idea of the mockingbird comes to mind. We first hear of the bird when the children are given there first air rifles for Christmas, Their father warns them to never shoot the songbird, saying to do so would be a sin. Mockingbirds don t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don t eat up people s gardens, don t nest in corncribs, they don t do one thing butsing their heads out for us. That s why it s a sin to kill a mockingbird. Its a sin to kill a mocking bird, During the trial of Tom Robinson, it occurs to the reader that the Negro has many characteristics he shares with the mockingbird, He is a gentle man, who has never harmed anyone and only tried to help. His murder is as much a sin as the killing of any innocent creature. By the end of the novel we see that the hermit Boo Radley is also like the mockingbird. He is shy and gentle, living quietly and harming no one. Near the end of the novel, Boo saves the children from being killed. Scout realizes that bringing Boo into the limelight would only be like killing the songbird. Many themes and ideas are presented in this novel, the sympathy theme is one of the main. Throughout the novel, Atticus repeats to Scout an Jem the importance of seeing things from another point of view in order to understand what the other person is feeling. The theme of childhood is also another important one. The story takes place over a period of years, and the reader takes part in the adventure of the child growing up in a small Southern town. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point-of-view -until you climb into his skin and walk around in it, these are the words spoken by Atticus Finch when giving advice to his little girl, Jean Louise, Scout. This theme, do not judge a person before you get to know them, is something most children, during this day and age, are taught when they are very young, and is the reoccurring theme in To Kill A Mocking Bird. The two clear examples of this theme are with Arthur Boo Radley and Tom Robinson. When the characters are first met, they are introduced as bad and maybe even evil people. However, when the characters start to develop, it can be noticed that they are actually good people. Books, as we all know, have very short shelf lives these days. Most new books remain on bookstore display tables for only a few weeks, and on the shelves for a few months at best. To obtain a book two years after publication is rare; for a book to be accessible forty years after it was first published is close to miraculous. To kill a mockingbird is that rare book. Since its publication in 1960 it has never been out of print. And with good reason it is one of the finest novels written in this century, and one of the most widely celebrated and read. And the question arises, from time to time, whatever happened to its author, Harper Lee? After she wrote the book, she dropped out of sight. In an era when authors become instant celebrities, appearing on countless talk shows and at book readings and signings, she is an enigma.

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Chadwick Inc Essay Essay Example

Chadwick Inc Essay Essay The concern schemes that are included in the balanced scorecard for Norwalk Division are: maximizing return on all development disbursement. fulfilling client demands. and the development of employee accomplishments. The scheme that is non embraced in the balanced scorecard is the 1 in respect to driving direction duty to the lowest degree. This scheme was non included because there needs to be a balance in duty through the administration. Employee marks and inducements are closely linked to the public presentation of the division ; more duty given to staff at lower degrees could increase the possibility of directors puting schemes for their ain benefit and division. This could take to disagreements between organizational ends and the ends set by direction for a specific division. We will write a custom essay sample on Chadwick Inc Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Chadwick Inc Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Chadwick Inc Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer New steps that need to be developed and included in the balanced scorecard are return on research capital. merchandise profitableness. merchandise development clip. figure of merchandises under development. and figure of employees take parting in preparation plans. The steps developed demand to be straight related to the aim and have the ability to supply feedback for that peculiar country. ( B ) A Balanced Scorecard developed for the administration will differ to one that is specifically developed for a certain division in an administration. The aims of an administration as a whole are marginally different to the aims that are set for a division or section. Organisational aims which are statements that articulate what the administration hopes to carry through will include all of the aims across the different divisions of the company ; where as divisional aims are aimed explicitly at that division. This may ensue in different steps used in the scorecards to measure public presentation associating to the specific aim. For illustration. Chadwick Inc. operates in many concerns including personal consumer merchandises and pharmaceuticals. The administrations overall aim is to bring forth high quality merchandises and acquire them to the market faster at lower costs. For its portion. the Norwalk Pharmaceutical Divisions aim is to increase the output of new merchandises and to cut down the clip and costs of the merchandise development rhythm. This divisional nonsubjective becomes a portion of the company’s current aims and is the aim that is focused on when developing the divisional scorecard. The divisional balanced scorecard was decided by the president of Chadwick Inc. to be developed in a manner ‘that was right for the division’ . This decentralized decision-making and authorization attack may make struggle between divisional scorecards and those of the corporation. This attack to developing a divisional scorecard may give rise to negative effects. Directors may concentrate excessively narrowly on their ain units public presentation and schemes instead than achieving the overall administrations ends. It could besides take to incompatibilities at the organizational degree. The advantages of decentralization outweigh its restrictions and should be adopted in the administration. However. to get the better of the struggle of disagreement between organizational and divisional scorecards. top direction demands to let for decentralization merely to a certain extent and guarantee that each division is being aware and taking into consideration the overall organizational aim. ( degree Celsius ) The concern scheme of a company or division is used to exemplify how all the single activities are coordinated to accomplish a coveted consequence. Developing a scheme is critical as it is used to put the overall way of the concern. The concern scheme for Norwalk was developed by one person and within a few proceedingss. For optimum consequences and clear way. a scheme should be developed over a longer clip period and the balanced scorecard should non be created until all the participants involved have a clear apprehension and vision of the concern. From the beginning of the undertaking it could be said Greenfield was non committed to the development of the balanced scorecard for the Norwalk division. He did non believe how dedicated Chadwick Inc. was to the construct. Any Balanced Scorecard undertaking will neglect if it is seen as merely another â€Å"management fad† . It needs sponsorship through active communicating – communicating that explains why the administration needs the Balanced Scorecard and how it will profit both the division and persons. During the procedure there was besides a deficiency of committedness from all the members. it took them several hebdomads before meeting and focussing on the undertaking. The clip spent developing a balanced scorecard is of import. if it is rushed it could take to negative effects when it is implemented. The divisions of Chadwick were advised that merely difficult informations ( fiscal information ) is to be used in the balanced scorecard. Financial information entirely merely provides short-run schemes ; non-financial informations offers a closer nexus to long-run organizational schemes. Therefore by embracing merely fiscal informations the balanced scorecard will supply merely a short-run step to measure the division’s public presentation.

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Migrant Hostel, Ancestors and Feliks Skryznecki Essays

Migrant Hostel, Ancestors and Feliks Skryznecki Essays Migrant Hostel, Ancestors and Feliks Skryznecki Paper Migrant Hostel, Ancestors and Feliks Skryznecki Paper Essay Topic: Poetry Belonging is known as a process of identification that establishes our relationships between individuals and their society. Often, the pursuit of a sense of belonging dominates ones life as it can emerge from the connections made with people and society. It has been found that mans need for companionship, belonging is natural and instinctive and something that is pre-coded in the primitive brain. Aristotle once said, The impulse to form partnership of this kind is present in all men by nature. Knowledge of ones identity through knowledge of where one belongs can give meaning to life and bring about happiness, while exclusion can trigger a sense of unworthiness, even inferiority, and alienation as shown through the poetry of Peter Skryznecki and the film Into the Wild We chose the poems of Peter Skrzynecki as our prescribed text and there is a greater sense of not belonging and alienation in every poem than belonging and acceptance. It is almost that he wants us to feel sympathy and condolence for him in his poems. Poems such as Migrant Hostel, Ancestors and Feliks Skryznecki convey his message of being estranged and isolated from his identity of the polish culture and his uncertain future. To convey these views Skrzynecki uses a variety of techniques, the main ones being: metaphors, similes, personification, rhetorical questions and the use of tone. The poem Migrant hostel (Parkes 1949-1951) carries authencity and themes of difficulties assimilating into a new culture, feelings of uncertainty and insecurity and therefore issues surrounding identity, or the lack OF identity. In Migrant Hostel the poet uses the imagery of birds to show us this sense of uncertainty. Example We lived like birds of passage/Always sensing a change and Nationalities sought each other instinctively-/ Like a homing pigeon Feeling uncertain and insecure the migrants sought comfort and security from people with a familiar Background and felt a sense of belonging and acceptance as they were recognised by accents. Also in Migrant Hostel the poet effectively reveals the problems that migrants face of Assimilating into a new culture. Skryznecki does this with his powerful Image and personification of the boom gate at the migrant hostel. As it rose and fell like a finger/ Pointed in reprimand or shame. The word reprimand has negative connotations in this context being that the outside world may not be welcoming. Here we also get the sense that migrants are ostracized from the outside world as they are sealed off the highway which is an obstacle to freedom, new life as they are unable to reach it. In the Poem Felix Skrzynecki the poet explores a contrast of the theme of strong cultural identity and alienation for Feliks Skrzynecki and loss of cultural identity for Peter Skrzynecki in a new land. Feliks Skrzynecki chooses to isolate himself from society as he surrenders belonging in an Australian society; rather he chooses to belong in his garden as he loved his garden like an only child. Feliks feels secure and finds peace of mind in his garden and the use of hyperbole Ten times around the world creates a strong connection between Feliks and his garden. His polish friends/talking they reminisced about farms where paddocks flowered. This shows Feliks strong cultural identity with his polish friends an that he has a spiritual connection to the country that shaped him. Peter Skrzynecki realises that to become his own person (to fulfil his identity) he must move away from his family and surrender the polish culture. The loss of cultural identity is communicated through the image made by lines such as I forgot my first polish word/After that like a dumb prophet, /Watched me pegging my tents/Further and further south Of Hadrians Wall. The use of alliteration and repetition (a potent literary technique) further and further further emphasises the point of how much of the lost of the polish heritage and Peters cultural identity. The poem Ancestors is an interesting and enigmatic poem that raises many questions and images but gives little definite comment. The poem encourages the audience think about their past and the people who are responsible for our existence. These figures seem to appear to the poet in a dream but cannot communicate with him. There is a clear spiritual connection between the persona and these bearded, faceless men/standing shoulder to shoulder? which is a collective term and creates a sense of belonging with the use of alliteration but the rhetorical question undercuts this belonging by confusing the audience. There is also a real sense of uncertainty about his identity as they whisper into the darkness. The poets continual use of they emphasises his lack of knowledge about his ancestors. There is a sense of frustration in the final stanzas. The poet sees clearer faces yet he awakens and cannot speak Why do you wake as there faces become clearer. He captures his dissatisfaction and impotence in the simile, Your tongue as dry as caked mud. There is an inevitable relationship between the shadowy figures and the poet as the wind tastes of blood. This last line answers all the rhetorical questions asked in the poem as it tells the poet that he does have a blood related connection with his ancestors but also suggests that he has betrayed and surrendered his own cultural identity. My related text Into the wild is a story about youthful alienation that alternately irritates and engages. Based on a true story Into the Wild is basically a road picture that follows the adventures of Christopher McCandless, a bright college boy who chooses not to belong to a society that lives a lie bases on reasons and expectations. If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed. A quote from Christopher McCandless. So he decides to leave and surrender his fake society identity behind The core of mans spirit comes from new experiences. By Chris McCandless and hitch hikes his way for two years like a drifter to live in the wild in search for happiness and his true identity. An example of this concept of not belonging can be seen when the family are having dinner, Christophers parents offer him to buy a car in order to improve his social image but Christopher sees this as an unnecessary measure. Why would I want a new car? / are you worried what the neighbors might think. Chris abandons his family and decides to chuck it all and become a self-styled aesthetic voyager in search of ultimate freedom. in the wild where he feels a great sense of belonging to the places and with the people he meets, I have lived through much and now I think I have found what is needed for happiness. A quiet, secluded life in the country with the possibility of being useful to people. This concept of belonging explores that he has found happiness and therefore found his identity and freedom. This can be seen through the long and far camera angle shots of the landscape and the natural imagery of the snow and the Grand canyon. The impression this film gives is that this act of rebellion by Chris is primarily a way to punish his parents for what he perceives as their hypocrisy and for the misery they put him and his sister through with their brutal fights all during their childhoods we were the bastard children Techniques which were used throughout the film are the use of constant voice overs and close camera angle shots of him writing his thoughts in his diary. The voice overs and written diary shots provide an incentive to the actions of Christopher and how he feels about them. A major concept of belonging to society is portrayed as the most important custom in ones life. The realization of the concept of belonging to society to live can clearly be seen after the death of Christopher. The montage of Christophers past at the end of the film puts together the memorable moments in his life which ironically were all related with his family. It shows him hugging his parents and finally realizing the value of belonging to a society. This realization is also backed up by the closing statement of Chris writing in his diary in his last moments Happiness is only real when shared. This immediately portrays belonging to society as a necessity to feel happy and valued. The poetry of Peter Skrzynecki and The film Into The Wild demonstrate that without a sense of belonging, which in essence arises from knowing ones identity, the individual is incomplete, Hence, life is incomplete. Realizing ones identity, through finding a place where one belongs is a key piece in the puzzle that is contentment. Even a life without belonging is consumed by the yearning to belong-showing that a life untouched by belonging is a life in which satisfaction hence happiness is unattainable.

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Marketing for a Newspaper Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing for a Newspaper Company - Case Study Example From being only a UK based newspaper on its inception, the TIMES has evolved from a period when marketing was unheard to a period when marketing reigns supreme. During all this time, the TIMES has maintained its reputation and has always been a step ahead of its competition. When we see the overall marketing strategy of the TIMES, we see a dynamic force at nature. Over the years, the TIMES has evolved its marketing into many dimensions. When observed closely, the marketing strategy of the TIMES has been focused on the following basic dimensions: The TIMES has in the recent time implemented a strategy that calls for a brand development. Firstly, the paper made it clear through activities like adding its paper on the internet, and launching it in many countries, that it doesn't want to restrain itself to only one particular country. The used the same quality values of their English version, i.e. accurate and reliable news, but they were careful to decentralize their marketing activities specific for each region. They used different names, specifically like New York Times, Times of India etc that showed them devoted to one region. Also the news was selected according to the demographics of the readers. The TIMES a The TIMES also generated a strategy for a global brand name. With the advent of the internet, this task became easy as now it displayed newspapers for many regions but under the specific brand name of the TIMES. In this way each paper maintained individuality as well as common global values. The TIMES has also embarked upon a marketing strategy to make its customers feel more attached with the newspaper. Today TIMES does not stand for only news, but for much more. It has interesting aspects for all the household, like cooking recipes and clothes designs for the women, gadgets and sports paper for the young, comics for the children, business news for the job-related people, and not only local news but world wide as well. The marketing of TIMES has used it as a catch for the paper to be declared as one for the entire household. One of the major challenges for the marketing strategy developers for the TIMES has been to change the perception of the youth about the newspaper. The TIMES has always been seen by the youth as the newspaper for the more serious and elderly people. Even though it contains many interesting aspects for the youth, but the general perception remains the same. For this the TIMES has to create a new image for itself. The newspaper has been employing towards this goal through many aspects. Firstly, by driving more items and captions for the youth, like sports page, jobs page, gadgets page etc. Second, by using the internet to give a whole new look to the paper, making it more animated and interactive for the youth. Lastly, the marketing strategy most into play these days is to make the paper more accessible and glamorous to the readers. Many interactive sections have been added. Like